Nordwealth Family Office

Our goal is to ensure wealth preservation and effective transfer across generations.

You and Nordwealth Family Office

Kalnų dekoracija

You are the Creator

Hard work and perseverance allowed you to achieve what you have today. The road was not easy - there were ups and downs, political instabilities, dissolved relationships with partners. However, trust, holding to your word, and family support kept you going. At this point, the most comforting idea is to know that you have a team of professionals responsible for ensuring that the value you have created will be preserved, increased, and smoothly passed to the next generations. This is the Nordwealth Family Office team.

Nordwealth Family Office helps preserve and transfer wealth that you created

Life with wealth is way more complicated than it seems. Difficulties become especially prevalent during the generational change - as many as 70% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the second generation, and only 10% manage to preserve it until the third generation. More and more wealthy families strive to overcome these problems by establishing their family offices. The main goal of Nordwealth Family Office is to ensure that your wealth is preserved and successfully transferred to the next generations:

Value creation
Value preservation
Value transfer